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Hello! We are Squab Hall Farm.

Set in South Warwickshire, on the outskirts of historic Warwick and Leamington Spa, Squab Hall Farm is owned and operated by T.I.Evans and Son. Originally a dairy farm, the Evans family have lived at Squab Hall since 1933. The farm has seen a lot of change over the years with enterprises including poultry and crop storage, but is now made up of 485 hectares of owned and rented arable land along with it’s diversified business elements.

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Harvest Supper

A harvest supper, also known as a harvest festival supper or harvest dinner, is a traditional event celebrated in many agricultural communities and cultures around

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T.I Evans Farming Philosophy

The business’s vision is to create a farming enterprise which is environmentally and financially sustainable and uses farm diversification to enhance its profitability.

The family recognise the role they take as custodians of the land for future generations and increasingly focus on the importance of environmental priorities alongside the commercial running of the enterprise.