Joint Venture Farming

Joint Venture Farming

The farm operates a Joint Venture with 2 neighbouring land owners 890 hectares covering within about a 9 mile radius. Brightman Farms at Gaydon and Bishops Itchington and C H Warhurst at Chesterton. The Joint Venture takes the form of a machinery and labour share, the operations of which are managed by the Farm Manager.

Key benefits include:

Spreading the cost of larger more efficient machinery over a larger acreage, whilst still operating the individual farms as separate businesses. Each business owns a proportion of the equipment needed to farm the whole 2200 acres thus reducing machinery costs for each individual enterprise.

All the members of the Joint Venture access modern techniques, including Variable Rate Product Application, Yield Mapping, and GPS Steering which can be cost prohibitive on smaller acreages.

Productivity has increased due to prioritised task management and by using modern machinery whilst the overall cost of production is kept under control.

Other benefits include the ability of individual farmers to still have some control over the decision making as well as having an active level of interest in the farming operation. The sharing of ideas between owners is also hugely beneficial.

The business is always looking to work with other farmers to help them with their farming operations. Currently, it has a range of partnerships with other landowners including Contract farming, Farm Business Tenancies and the Joint Venture farming approach. If you are interested in discussing how we could work together in the future then please get in touch.

Venture Farming

Cultivating Success Together

Our current machinery includes:

Fendt 942​

Fendt 828

John Deere 6215​

John Deere s790 combine

2 x Stewart 18T grain trailers

30m avadex spreader

5 metre Topdown

3m Shakaerator subsoiler

6m Cousins Spring Tine cultivators

6m Weaving Sabre Tyne

12m Dalbo ring rolls

30 meter 4000 litre Horsch trailed sprayer

30m Kuhn Axis variable rate fertiliser spreader

To have a chat about the pros and cons of Joint Venture Farming or to express interest in joining us then please contact us.