Diversified Farmer – Feasibility Study

Becoming a diversified farmer in the UK requires a combination of traditional agricultural skills, business acumen, and a willingness to explore innovative approaches. Diversification involves expanding beyond conventional farming practices to include additional income streams and activities on the farm.  It is also a brilliant way to enable new entrants in to the farm business […]

Unlocking Success Through Joint Venture Farming

An opportunity to share the future of our agricultural community Our farming operation, Squab Farming Limited situated at Squab Hall Farm on the Harbury Lane, is not just a venture; it’s a collaborative journey. Currently, we are a close-knit group of three members who have come together to share more than just machinery and labour […]

Harvest Supper

A harvest supper, also known as a harvest festival supper or harvest dinner, is a traditional event celebrated in many agricultural communities and cultures around the world. It typically takes place in the autumn, around the time of the harvest season when crops have been gathered from the fields. The exact timing and customs associated […]